5 Tips for Throwing an Authentic Oktoberfest Party

Germany is famous for their massive Oktoberfest festival, held once a year in Munich.  The good news is, (thanks to Beistle), you don’t need to travel all the way to Germany to partake in Oktoberfest festivities.  Today, my mission is to show you how you can create your own authentic Oktoberfest party at home with these 5 simple tips! 

  • 1.  Create a Biergarten

It’s simple to create your own biergarten, right in your own back yard.  You don’t need anything fancy, or even a “garden” to do so.  You just need a patio, some yard space or another outdoor area where you can set up a few tables for your guests.  If you have a roof or some sort of covering above your area, hang a few string lights to create a cozy atmosphere.  Decorate with a few Oktoberfest or Bavarian-style decorations and you’re set!  A few of my favorites are the (54922) Bratwurst Streamer, (57769) Oktoberfest Sign Cutouts, (55514) Beer Stein Cutouts and the (54367) Pretzel Cutouts.  See a few of them in the image below:

Oktoberfest Party Decorations

  • 2.  Prepare Your Tables

Once you have your tables set up in your Biergarten, cover them with plastic tablecovers, such as the (57941) harlequin patterned Oktoberfest Tablecover.  Then, arrange a few table decorations such as centerpieces & confetti down the centers.  We have great centerpieces in this theme, such as the 3-D jointed Beer Stein, German Flag Cascades and my favorite, the (new for 2018) 3-D Beer Wagon.  Most importantly…remember your tableware!  Our Oktoberfest Plates, Cups & Napkins will match perfectly with the rest of your decor.

Oktoberfest Decorations and Wearables

  • 3.  Food & Drink

Below, is a list of food ideas and suggestions that you could make for your party.  Don’t feel like cooking?  Search for a local German shop or restaurant in your area that you could purchase the food pre-made for that day.  Some of these are making me hungryyyy! 

  1. Potato Salad
  2. Soft Pretzels
  3. Sauerkraut
  4. Spätzle
  5. Schweinsbraten (pork)
  6. Bratwurst
  7. Roast Chicken
  8. Boiled Potatoes
  9. Lebkuchenhertz (gingerbread)

  10. German Chocolate Cake
  11. Strudel
  12. German Apple Cider Cake

Oktoberfest Food Decorations

According to beerconnoisseur.com, below is the current top 10 list of beers to serve at an Oktoberfest event.

  1. Sierra Nevada / Faust Miltenberger Oktoberfest (2017)
  2. Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen
  3. Hofstettner Original Hochzeitsbier von 1810
  4. Sudwerk Märzen
  5. Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Märzen
  6. Westbrook Märzenbier
  7. Paulaner Original Münchner Märzen
  8. Ballast Point Dead Ringer Oktoberfest
  9. New Glarus Staghorn Octoberfest Beer
  10. Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen
  • 4.  Wearables

Oktoberfest is an event where people love to dress up.  Some choose to go all-out and wear authentic looking dirndl attire for the women or lederhosen for the men.  However, at your party, you’re not expected to supply an entire outfit for each guest.  Instead, have a few items for your guests to easily put on and then take home as souvenirs!  We have some great options for wearables.  See a few of them in the images below:

Oktoberfest Headwear

Oktoberfest German Alpine

Oktoberfest Alpine Hat

Shown in the images are the (60140) It’s All About The Beer Button, (60458) Official Beer Tester Button, (54835) Pretzel Eyeglasses, (60243) German Alpine, (60345) Deluxe Alpine Hat, (54654) Beads w/Beer Stein Medallion, and my favorite, the (60592) Beer Mug Boppers.  We also have some great printed vests, headbands and suspenders, which would all be great options.

  • 5.  Activities

Besides the obvious activities that take place at an Oktoberfest event, (eating great food & drinking brews), I have a few other ideas for activities to make sure that your guests enjoy your event.

  • Set up a photo booth

In tip #4, we discussed having some simple wearables available.  So, set up a photo booth where guests can strike-a-pose for the camera.  Create a backdrop, hang a few banners and you’ll be all set to capture some memories.  A few other photo-prop suggestions would be the (59872) Oktoberfest Photo Fun Signs and the (59970) Oktoberfest Couple Photo Prop, shown below.



  • Play German Music

To really creat an authentic, German atmosphere, play some German-style music in the background.  You could either purchase a CD or search for a station on your favorite radio site, such as Pandora.com.


I hope enjoyed my tips for how you can throw your own authentic Oktoberfest party.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

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