Baby Shower – Tips & Tricks to Transform Any Space

Are you planning a baby shower?  At Beistle, we have everything you need to help celebrate.  Whether you want to keep it classy with a solid color paired with gold accents, or brighten up the space with an array of beautiful colors, we have you covered!

Recently, we held a baby shower in the office for two of our employees who are both expecting little girls.  We decided to use our B is For Baby collection of baby shower decorations for this event.  With it, we paired some of our solid color tissue & tulle decorations to really transform our space.  Keep reading for inspiration and to learn how you can use our decorations for your next event!

Baby Shower Gift Tag

Since we had a fairly large table to decorate, we created our own table runner by combining a mixture of different products and lined them down the center.  The products we used were Tulle Balls, Tissue Flowers, Tissue Fluff Balls, Tissue Festooning and the Message Cutouts from the B is For Baby collection.  We kept the colors light & pastel to better coordinate with the collection as well.

Baby Shower Table Runner

Because both employees are expecting little girls, we decided to use pink & white balloons to decorate our “gift cart.”  On each end of the cart, we placed a Baby Shower Card Box for each mom and arranged their gifts around them.  Prior to the event, we handed two of the Message Cutouts from the B is For Baby collection to each person that was going to attend.  We all wrote an encouraging note on the cutouts and placed them in the corresponding card boxes for each mom to read.

Baby Shower Gifts

The gifts were beautiful and both of the girls got some really wonderful items.  From clothing, to diapers, to hand knitted mermaid tails…they got it all!  You can tell these little girls are already adored!

Baby Shower Gift

Baby Shower Gift Bags

The B is for Baby Banners come two per package and were adorable hanging on the walls.  We embellished them with some white & yellow tulle balls taped to the corners.



How pretty are these decorations?  I love the mixture of colors, textures & patterns among the different products hanging from the ceiling.

Baby Shower Hanging Decorations

Most importantly, we can’t forget about the food!  We had options of chicken, ham or tuna salad sandwiches.  They were super yummy and sandwiches are an easy food for your guests to grab & go sit down.  Tip:  Use different colors of food picks to designate the different sandwich flavors.  Create a simple sign near the food bar that lets your guests know which is which.

Baby Shower Food

Additionally, we served a veggie tray with dip, toppings for the sandwiches, popcorn, fruit, cupcakes, chips and a delicious orange marshmallow dessert.

Baby Shower Food Table

I just had to get a close up of the cupcakes.  How fun are these?!  The icing was beautiful pastel colors with sprinkles & a unicorn ring on top!  Although the shower wasn’t a Unicorn themed party…they’re still fun, right?

Baby Shower Unicorn Cupcake

Baby Shower Unicorn Cupcakes

Thanks so much for reading our tips & tricks on decorating any space for a baby shower.  We hope that you found some useful ideas that you can use for your event.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own baby shower decorations.  I’d love to see!

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Thanks for partying with us!


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