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Beistle’s Wall of Spook-tacular Greatness

At Beistle, we are proud of the items we sell.  We take pride in the creativity, craftsmanship, quality, innovation and motivation of our products & our employees.  In fact, we are experts, when it comes to party goods…especially Halloween items.

So, that’s why I have named this Beistle’s Wall of Spook-tacular Greatness.  Because the items featured in this post are legendary!  Let me give you a bit of history, borrowed from our very own,

“…the first seasonal decorations added to the catalog were Halloween. Over 1000 different designs and decorations have been added since 1921 ranging from witches, black cats, bats, owls, spiders and jack o lanterns. The company produced many popular die cut Halloween paper items and helped popularize Halloween decoration in America. The company’s early success was credited to selling inexpensive premade decorations that customers could readily buy from the store.”

“The Beistle Company has decided to bring back select discontinued decorations and sell them under the Vintage Beistle name. Since Halloween was the first seasonal item sold at the Company it is only befitting this line be revived first. Some of the products date back to the 1920’s with designs over 80 years old and originally bared the copyright of Martin Beistle, Henry Luhrs, and other partnerships of the company. It is very hard to come by old party decorations for a true Vintage feel, and we have come to realize that many customers miss these one of a kind decorations.”

There’s nothing more nostalgic than seeing these Vintage decorations going up in people’s windows all over the country, this time of year.  In fact, we have had many people tag us on Instagram, showing us how they like to decorate with these items.  We love seeing this.  So, keep us in the loop with #PartywithBeistle or @BeistleCo, whenever you decorate with our items.

So, here it is folks…Beistle’s Wall of Spook-tacular Greatness

The Jointed Skeleton is a reproduction from the original artwork that was created the whole way back in 1936.  The Jointed Goblin (Mr. Pumpkin Man, as I like to call him), was first created in 1960.  Both have positionable arms & legs, so you can pose them however you want!

The Scat Cat, featured to the left of the Skeleton shown below, is part of a set of 4 cutouts.  This artwork for these cool Cats was first created in 1941.

Below, is one of my favorite Vintage Halloween items.  The Halloween Tissue Dancers come in a pack of 3.  Included is a cat, skeleton and witch.  The artwork for these characters was first created in 1929.  Each piece includes our signature, honeycomb tissue as their arms & legs.

The Vintage Halloween Totem Pole Cutouts date back to 1966.  They can be used as separate pieces, or stacked together to created one totem pole, as shown.

Pictured below is our famous, Jointed Scratch Cat.  He is one of the most classic & iconic items in the Vintage Halloween collection.  This design has been around for quite some time.  Your parents & grandparents may have even had him hanging in their homes as children!  The Scratch Cat artwork was first created in 1928.

Shown below is our Vintage Halloween Centerpiece.  This item was first introduced in 1971.  It is a great addition to any Halloween decor, and could blend with both vintage & modern items.

Because I love these items, I just had to get a photo in front of The Wall of Greatness.  (Ok, so the name may be a little corny…but you have to admit…these items are great).

If you use any of these items, please feel free to tag us on social media using hashtag, #PartywithBeistle.  We love seeing people’s creativity and how they like to use our products!

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Thanks for partying with us!

Remember…Life’s more fun when you #PartyWithBeistle!

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