Bon Voyage!!

The term “Bon Voyage” can take play many different roles in this journey that we call life.  You may be setting out on a vacation, or may be getting ready to enjoy retirement.  Both are fun and exciting times.

Fun and exciting is a perfect way to describe one of our new themes for 2020.  Bon Voyage!!!

Not only did our artists do a great job in creating this theme, they did an amazing job showing how they can be used.  This one is fun….keep reading!

Let’s Eat

With any function or event, there is typically food and beverage included.  Why not turn your sweets and treats into your decoration?

For this picture, a plastic lobster was filled with water and frozen.  The result was brilliant.  Use this as a “chiller” for your shrimp or something equivalent.  Make two and use one for food and the other can be used as just table decor.

Fill your table with bowls of fruit, cutouts and of course confetti!  It adds a level of interest, but doesn’t make it too busy.

Our coconut cups can be used for beverage or stack them as seen in this picture.  They can also be used for party favors or candies of your choice.  The things that you can never “just take one.”

Table Decor

I talked about food, but we can forget about the decorations!  Here are some creative ways to use our products, but incorporate items from home.

The iconic train case!  It holds a special memory for all of us, so why not create new memories with it.  Drape gloves over the side.  Accent with pearls or beads, and top it off with a hat and signs of choice.  Perfect!

This line has tableware that shows the globe.  Use it as props or focal points for your table.  Include theme oriented hats and favor boxes to pull it all together.  But wait….what else.  Passport books are out of this world (haha).

A Different View

The artist that put this together did an amazing job.  They showed true potential for using and displaying the Bon Voyage line.  To bring it up a notch, they also included items from a different theme or season.  That is what is great about our product lines.  They all can be used together or just by themselves!

Final Product

Make it your own!  Include pictures, post cards, items from home or new items that can be used on the trip.  The possibilities are truly endless.  However, the best part is you get to make it your own.

I hope that enjoyed looking through these pictures.  Not sure about you, but I am ready to pack.  If you have an upcoming event, feel free to tag us on social  #partywithbeistle

We truly love seeing and hearing stories of how our products are used.  Your memories always put smiles on our faces.

If you need some help getting started, here is a list of items that were used.

53647              Bon Voyage Streamer
53673              Bon Voyage Sign Cutouts
53691              3-D Bon Voyage Centerpiece
53609              Bon Voyage Plates
53652              Bon Voyage Napkins
53667              Bon Voyage Photo Fun Signs
50940-B           Plastic Rectangular Tablecover
50948-BW       Blue & White Fabric Bunting
60755              Sailor Hat
60757              Yacht Captain’s Cap
52027              Ocean & Sky Backdrop
52028              Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop
53457              Around The World Paper Lantern
50774              World Traveler Photo/Balloon Holder
54794              Around The World Passports
54792              Luggage Favor Boxes
52181              Tropical Palm Leaves Streamer
50835              Coconut Cup
55819              Plastic Lobster
60728-BK        Evening Gloves
50548-W          Party Beads – Large Round
55105-12         Pkgd Tissue Pineapples
55105-20         Pkgd Tissue Pineapple
54556              Fabric Tropical Palm Leaves
50406              Parti-Color Silk ‘N Petals
53604              Pineapple Deluxe Sparkle Confetti
54436              3-D Cruise Ship Centerpiece
57601-GD        Lamé Table Runner
57739              International Flag Pennant Banner

Thanks for stopping by.  

Celebrating life – one event at a time.  ~The Beistle Company

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