Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas & Inspiration

A dinosaur themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate that special person in your life.  Dino parties have continuously been a roaring success among boys, girls, children & adults so we decided to introduce our new Dinosaur theme for the 2018 catalog!  Using these items, we make it simple to transform any space into a land filled with Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and more!  Keep reading for some tips & tricks for how you can use these items for your dino-tastic event!

As you can see, we have everything you need to throw your party.  Wall decorations, table accessories, banners, jointed figures, cutouts, cupcake stands, we have it!  Let me tell you how I used these items for my set up:

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

For the background, I attached the Jointed Tyrannosaurus to the wall, centering it behind the table.  I then used the brown paper from our Kraft Paper Table Roll and stretched it horizontally along the back of the table, covering the jointed figure.  Once I secured the paper to the wall (with tape), I tore each piece so that the Tyrannosaurus appeared to be “breaking out” from the paper.  I then slightly curled the torn edges of the paper away from the wall.

Side note – this guy is awesome!  He stands 4′ 4″ tall and is definitely a dramatic piece and a focal point for the rest of the decor.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Tyrannosaurus

DIY project

For the Cupcake Stand, I did a bit of “DIY” and transformed our plain, white Cupcake Stand using some Tissue Festooning.  I simply taped the Brown Festooning around the edges of the circular pieces on all three layers of the stand.  I chose brown for this theme, but this approach could be repeated for any theme within our line.  Remember – the possibilities are endless with decorations from Beistle!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcakes

Next, I want to show you the Tissue Volcano Centerpiece.  The volcano is rather large, standing 15″ tall.  It’s a great item to place on the center of your food table or on the tables that your guests will eat at.  Surround it with some of the Dinosaur Mini Centerpieces and you’re good to go!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Tissue Volcano

Guests will love seeing their favorite dinosaur within the Dinosaur Cutouts that feature 8 different dinosaurs types per pack!  My favorite is that Tyrannosaurus.  What’s yours?

Dinosaur Birthday Party Cutout

How cool are the 3-D SUV Centerpieces?  There are three different versions of SUVs in the package.  Once assembled, you can arrange the cars around your table to appear as if they are exploring through dino-land!

Dinosaur Birthday Party SUVs

Below, I got creative with the large Dinosaur Cutout.  I combined two of them, attaching them together with tape at the top.  I found a tall object which I place in the center of the two items.  Using tape, I attached both sides to the object in the center, making it stand up!  This also gave a really cool 3-D illusion like you are peering in to the Dinosaur’s mouth.  Don’t forget – just because something is a “cutout” doesn’t mean that it has to be taped flat to a wall!  See below for some additional examples for how I made these items appear 3-D.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Dinosaur Cutout

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Here’s the other way that I used the cutouts, making them appear to be distanced from the wall.  Looks pretty cool, right?  See the next photo for my trick…

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

To do this, I trimmed a paper cup , leaving around 1″ of the sides attached to the bottom.  I then attached this piece to the wall and taped a cutout to the other side.  You may have noticed that the large Jointed Tyrannosaurus appeared to be dimensional as well.  That’s because I used this tip on that item too!  It works for both large and small paper cutouts.

Dinosaur Birthday Party DIY Ideas

If I had to guess, you will probably need some tableware for your party…right?  Our friends at PartyCheap have Dinosaur plates, napkins, cups and even party hats that pair great with our decorations.  Throw in some bright green plastic utensils and you’re ready to rock!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Items

Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcake Decorations

I really hope you enjoyed reading our tips & tricks on decorating any space for a Dinosaur themed birthday party.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own Dino party decorations.  I’d love to see!

To purchase your own Dinosaur items, visit www.partycheap.com. (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).

Thanks for partying with us!



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