Happy Diwali!!!!!

Introducing this theme to our product line has been exciting for us.  The bright and vibrant colors are amazing.  Diwali is a Hindu festival that lasts for 5 days in the fall.  It celebrates light!  During that time, people light up their life through the use of candles, diyas or lanterns.

After reading about this Holiday and how it is celebrated, we are ecstatic to be able to offer decorations and decor in honor of the event.

Celebration of Light

The artist who put this together turned votive glasses into nothing short of amazing.  The colors that she used were gold and silver, but you could use whatever compliments your design.

DIY Faux Mercury Votives  

  • spray votive cups with gold spray paint
  • using a mixture of 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water, spray the glass while the paint is still wet
    • discard any extra solution that may collect in the bottom of the glass
  • spray votive with silver pain
  • let dry and PRESTO….beautiful DIY project complete

Please make sure you do this in a well ventilated area and wear appropriate personal protection.

The Final Product

Amazing is one word that comes to mind.  The artist used a combination of products from home and products offered in this theme.  Tissue fans and whirls are a great start.  The party panels were used to complete the back drop, and were a perfect way to anchor the streamer set.

Cutouts and centerpieces tied the back drop and the table top together.  To pull it all together…..candles!!!!  She used her DIY votive cups, tea lights and flowers to complete the design.

If you are interested in trying this at home, here are a list of products that were used.

53714              Foil Diwali Streamer Set
53679              Diwali Whirls
53692              Foil Diwali Centerpiece
53676              Foil Diwali Cutouts
53575              Lattice Party Panels
53580              Foil Lantern & Mandala Cutouts
53576              Lattice Tablecover
53790              Silk ‘N Petals Tropical Jasmine Lei
53342              Assorted Paper & Foil Decorative Fans
53325              Accordion Paper Fans
00367              Accordion Paper Fans
50055              Mini Flower Fans

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