DIY Paper Lantern Ideas

Paper Lanterns provide a great accent for any event.  Hang them in a photo booth, in the corner of a room or use them as a centerpiece on a table.  There are hundreds of ways to decorate lanterns to coordinate with your theme…the possibilities are endless!  Below are a few examples to give you inspiration for your next DIY project.  If you would like to replicate any of these looks, check out the links to PartyCheap where you can find the materials to do so.  Happy Decorating!

“Boho” Paper Lantern


You Will Need:


  • Assemble your Paper Lanterns.
  • Cut a strip of Kraft Paper approximately 6″ long by 3′ wide.
  • Cut that strip to make a “fringe” texture.  Be sure not to leave around 1/2″ at the top of the strip where you do not cut.  This will keep your “fringe” from falling apart.
  •  Cut your 3′ fringed piece in to sections around 3-4″ wide.
  • Begin taping your small sections to the paper lantern, starting at the bottom.
  • Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the lantern and it is fully covered

Make a few and display these lanterns at any Bohemian, Luau or rustic inspired party.  Like mentioned before, you will have a lot of the Kraft Paper left over to use on other projects.  Visit some of our other posts such as Backdrops, Tassels & More and DIY Rustic Decorations for some ideas.

Glittered Paper Lantern


You Will Need:

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Glitter (Any color)
  • Craft Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Bowl
  • Newspaper or Plastic to protect your workspace


  • Assemble your Paper Lanterns
  • (See Image Below)  Gather your supplies. 1
  • Squeeze some craft glue in to your paper bowl
  • Using your paint brush, spread a thin layer of glue over a section of the paper lantern.
  • Sprinkle a layer of glitter over the area of glue.  It’s ok if there are a few spots you miss.  You can go back and hit those spots again later.
  • (See Image Below)  Your finished, glittered section should look similar to this2
  • (See Image Below)  Repeat with the glue and glitter until each section of the paper lantern is covered.3
  • Let dry.
  • Once your lantern is dry, go back and hit any spots you missed with a final layer of glue and glitter.

Make a few and display these lanterns at any event.  Choose a coordinating glitter color to match a particular color scheme for Birthdays, Bridal Showers, New Year’s Parties and more.  For other decorations to match perfectly with your new Glitter Lanterns, visit PartyCheap and search for New Years, Glitter, Birthday, etc!

Mini Umbrellas Paper Lantern


You Will Need:

  • Paper Lanterns
  • Mini Umbrellas
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue


  • Assemble your Paper Lanterns.
  • Open up/assemble the Mini Umbrellas.
  • Choose a starting point and stick a Mini Umbrella through the side of the Lantern.
  • Use a few small dots of hot glue to secure the Umbrella to the lantern.  Be careful not to burn yourself.  The sides of the lantern are thin, so you will be able to feel the heat through the lantern.
  • (See Image Below)  Continue placing and gluing the Umbrellas around the Lantern until it is fully covered.Umbrellas1

Make multiple Umbrella Lanterns to use at any Luau Party or Spring/Summer event.  For other decorations to coordinate with colorful new lanterns, visit PartyCheap and search for Luau!

Flowered Paper Lantern


You Will Need:


  • Assemble your paper lanterns.
  • Cut the string on your lei and sort the flower pieces from the leaves.
  • Decide how you want to place the flowers on the lantern.  I chose to space them evenly over the space.
  • Put a small dot of glue where you want your first flower and place the flower lightly on the glue.  Be careful not to burn yourself.  The sides of the lantern are thin, so you will be able to feel the heat through the lantern.
  • Continue gluing the rest of your pieces to the lantern.

These one of a kind Flower Lanterns would be the perfect addition to any Spring/Summer, Outdoor, Garden or Bridal event.  Choose a lei color to coordinate with you other decorations for an elegant, beautiful look.  Visit PartyCheap for more items to match your theme!

Doily Paper Lantern


For instructions on how to make our Doily Paper Lanterns as well as other Paper Doily projects, visit our post on DIY Rustic Decorations.

As always, have fun Creating The Party!


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