DIY Ruffled Table Skirt

Creating a No Sew Ruffled Table Skirt is easier than it looks.  For my tutorial, I chose to use bright colors to match the serape pattern in my Tablecover.  However, you can customize your Table Skirt to match any event or party theme.  For example, use cerise, purple and turquoise for the table at your unicorn party.  Alternate using black and gold layers or black and silver layers for a prom or graduation event.  Decorating for a wedding or bridal shower?  Use white or ivory to make your Table Skirt a solid color.  The possibilities are endless!

To get the materials to make your own Ruffled Table Skirt, click on the links below or visit  (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my homepage).

You Will Need:


  • Decide the order you want your Table Skirt ruffles to hang.
  • Open up your first Tablecloth package.  (Start with the color that you want to hang on the bottom)
  • Unfold the Tablecover lengthwise, but leave it folded in half widthwise.
  • (See Image Below) Pleat your first Tablecover.  Make small folds in the top of the material and staple in place.  Make pleats approximately 4″ apart.DSC_1502
  • Move on to your next color.
  • Again, unfold the Tablecover lengthwise, but leave it folded in half widthwise.
  • Since you will want this layer a bit shorter than the previous one, fold the top down around 3-4″ before you start adding your pleats.
  • (See Image Below)  Lay this layer on top of the first layer you completed.DSC_1507
  • Repeat these steps with your remaining layers, stacking them on top of one another.
  • (See Image Below)  Keep folding each layer down another 3-4″ before making your pleats.  This will allow each one to be shorter than the previous one.DSC_1508
  • Once all layers are completed and stacked on top of one another, staple them together at the top.
  • Next, cover your table with the Tablecover that you chose to go on the top.
  • (See Image Below)  Now it’s time to attach your skirting!  I found it easiest to use both tape and staples to attach mine to the table.  (Don’t worry if it looks a little messy where you attach it, we will cover this up in the next step).DSC_1501
  • Once your skirting is attached, use your Tissue Festooning to cover your tape and staples that you used to fasten it to the table.
  • Last, “fluff” the table skirt ruffles.DSC_1499DSC_1491DSC_1479

I hope you enjoy making your very own Ruffled Table Skirt!  Let us know how yours turns out!

Helpful Hints:

  • If you are decorating a longer table than what I used for my example, you may need two sets of each color.  (Or, you could cut the tablecovers in half lengthwise at the beginning…it just won’t be as thick).
  • When attaching your Table Skirt to the table, it is easier to have someone hold the material while you tape and staple.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a lot of staples when attaching all of the layers together.  (You don’t want your Table Skirt to fall off during your event and you won’t be able to see the staples in the end result).

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Have fun Creating The Party!


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