Dolly Mama!!!

Where my girls at!!!  This new Dolly Mama theme screams girls night out.  Actually, girls night in too.

We all have the “girls night” crowd.  Sometimes it is just a few friends that get together and other times, it is a crowd.  The night is filled with laughter, stories and everything in between.  The reason for the event could be nothing, it could be something that you do once a month, or it could be for a birthday.

That is why we are SO excited to introduce our new theme of Dolly Mama.  Many times, we decorate for an event.  With this new product line, we now can plan an event for the decorations.  They are that much fun! From streamers, cutouts, and hanging decor to centerpieces, tableware and table cards, this theme has it all.

We hope that you enjoy the pictures of us being diva’s at work.  It was a blast!!!

Birthday Party

It is an event that only happens one time a year, so make it memorable.  Get out the tiaras, the glasses and don’t forget the boas and sashes.  After you are dressed for the night, decorate for the pictures.

The Dolly Mama cutouts are a must have.  They are not only funny to read, but they set the tone for the rest of the decor.  Anchor them on the wall using a backdrop.  The artist choose our checkered back drop.  It’s bold, fun and exciting.  Hanging decor is a great addition as well.  The Dolly Mama’s whirls are just perfect.

Next, the table.  The Dolly Mama theme has plates and napkins that are party starters.  You can even turn them into a game.  Place a small “x” on the back of one of the plates.  Whoever gets that plate wins a prize.  It is just that simple!

In this picture, the artist used the Dolly Mama centerpiece and our gold cake stand.  DIY ALERT – the flower vase.  It is actually an empty bottle.  Put food coloring in the water and tie a bow around the top

Get your camera (or phone) out and capture the smiles.  This is a perfect setting for a selfie!

Light the candles and make a wish.  Every birthday girls needs a cake!

High five to good times.  Life is all about celebrating and making the most out of each day.  The Dolly Mama birthday products add a little extra sparkle.

Time To Wine Down

They always say to not save your good flat and stemware for the Holidays.  We agree!  Spending time with friends is just as special.

The tableware used is the same as in the birthday pictures, but we added some extras.  Can you spot the DIY project.  Here is a hint… is on every table.  Yes!  It is the the wine bottles.  Use them as flower vases.  As mentioned above, put food coloring in the water.  To add some interest to the outside of the bottle, wrap a string about the top and the middle several times.  This gives it a rustic look that is desired by so many.  However, don’t forget the glitter.  Put spray adhesive on the labels and cover with the glitter of your choice.  These turned out great!!!

Keep the corks from nights before.  Get a large dessert bowl and place a candle in the middle.  Put the corks around the candle to fill the void.

Fill the night with laughter.  Enjoy the down time, the wine time and the girl time.  Don’t save your fancy things for special days.  Make the days special with your fancy things.  After all, it is time to wine down.

If you would like to throw your own Dolly Mama party, here is a list of items used.

53720              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Streamer
53757              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Whirls
53711              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Poster Cutouts
53701              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Plates
53706              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Napkins
53717              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Centerpiece
53727              Dolly Mama’s Wine Celebration Streamer
53697              Dolly Mama’s Adult Celebration Table Cards
53760              Dolly Mama’s Wine Celebration Whirls
53747              Dolly Mama’s Wine Celebration Centerpiece
53765              Dolly Mama’s Wine Celebration Plates
53755              Dolly Mama’s Wine Celebration Napkins
50945-W          Plastic Round Tablecover
50940-T           Plastic Rectangular Tablecover
53325              Accordion Paper Fans
53326              Accordion Paper Fans
60638              Glittered Metal Queen Tiara
60639              Glittered Metal Star Tiara
60640-S           Glittered Metal Tiara
60728-W          Evening Gloves
60300-BK        Fancy Feather Boa
60300-P           Fancy Feather Boa
60380              Jeweled Diva Fanci-Frames
60385              Disco Ball Fanci-Frames
52089              Checkered Backdrop

Feel free to take us to your next party or event.  Tag us at #partywithbeistle in your social post.

Thanks for stopping by and as always.  A party is better when you party with #thebeistlecompany.



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