Dragons and Goblins and Trolls…OH MY!

Hey party people!

Last catalog year, Beistle added a new mini-theme….Fantasy!  Whether you’re looking for items to decorate for a Dragon party, a light-hearted party filled with Fairies & Pixie dust, a Medieval theme, or an event with a darker feel more geared towards adults…we have you covered!

Movies such as How to Train Your Dragon, Trolls and Peter Pan have remained popular themes for kids’ parties throughout the years.  Our decorations would be great tie-ins with any of those themes.  Keep reading for tips, tricks & ideas for how you can use our decorations to work with your event…no matter which route you choose!

I began decorating by taping the Fantasy Insta-Mural to the wall.  This is a fairly large decoration and covers a good bit of space (5′ x 6′ to be exact).  I then decided that I wanted to cover up & hide the edges of the Insta-Mural decoration, so I grabbed one of our Kraft Paper Table Rolls and began tearing!  I simply stretched the paper over top of the Insta-Mural and tore pieces away so that you could see through to the background.  This creates a really cool effect and a great focal point for any party.  (Maybe you could use this as your photo station?)

Fantasy Party Theme Decorations

Next, I chose to decorate the Insta-Mural with some Fairy, Goblin & Dragon cutouts.  Tip:  I had a lot of fun placing the cutouts on to the backdrop to create my scene.  Possibly have this be an interactive activity by allowing your guests to do the decorating.  Kids especially would love choosing where to place their favorite character/cutout to create their own scene.

Fantasy Party Theme Goblin and Fairies

Fantasy Party Theme Goblin

The Jointed Dragon & Jointed Troll are captivating pieces of artwork and are definite must-haves for any Fantasy related party.  Their large sizes (both around 4′), easily make them the center of attention.  Tip:  Rather than taping them flat to a wall, make them appear to be coming straight out of the background!  To do this, tape strips of thick cardboard to the back of each design to keep the pieces from bending & moving around.  Then, punch two small holes in each character.  Last, attach fishing line to the holes and hang from the ceiling.

Fantasy Party Theme Troll

Fantasy Party Theme Dragon and Goblin

The Dragon Egg Cutouts are some of my favorite cutouts from this collection.  Why?  Just look how realistic the scale-like texture is on them!  On the base of my display I created a nest for the Eggs.  Because of the realistic artwork, you can barely even tell that these are flat!  They look 3-D to me…

Fantasy Party Theme DIY Dragon Egg Nest

The nest was super simple to create. To do so, I made a circle using the Raffia Table Skirting and then overlaid the Rusty Barbed Wire Garland on top.

On the floor, I placed some Green Fringed Tissue Mats to look like grass, lined the back with some Tropical Palm Leaves & a few Daisy Garlands.  I then arranged a few more of the Goblin, Dragon & Fairy cutouts to appear to be standing within the grass.  Tip:  Many of these decorations, I re-used from previous displays I created.  Don’t forget that you can save and re-use items, even if it is for completely different themes! 

Fantasy Party Theme Dragon Eggs

Now, let’s talk about the table.  The 3-D Castle Centerpiece can be decorated & embellished to go with any theme.  Whether you went the direction of a Dragon party or Medieval event, it will work with whatever you choose.  I found these really neat Plastic Dragons on Partycheap.com and used them all over the centerpiece…appearing that they are overtaking the castle!  I could see this really being a hit at a little one’s birthday because the kids could play with the dragons and be interactive with the centerpiece.  (The doors to the castle even open & close…how cool!?)

Fantasy Party Theme Castle

Fantasy Party Theme Castle Decoration

For your place settings, The Pewter Plates & Muslin Paper Napkins are great choices.  Pair with a solid color of plasticware and a fun cup that your guests can enjoy & then take home with them!  As an extra special gift, place one of the Plastic Dragons on each cup for your guests to also take home.

Fantasy Party Theme Plastic Dragons

I really hope you enjoyed reading our tips on decorating for your Dragon, Fairy or Medieval themed party.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own party decorations.  I’d love to see! 

To purchase items for your party, visit www.partycheap.com. (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Home” and “Shop” pages).

Thanks for partying with us!



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