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Easter Inspiration

Spring is right around the corner! 

It’s time to phase out those Valentine’s Day Decorations and exchange them for cute baby bunnies, chicks, birds, eggs and flowers.

Whether you’re decorating a facility, hosting family for lunch or enjoying a quiet day at home, I have some ideas for you to make your house or business a little more festive.  You can’t go wrong with the array of Easter Decorations from Beistle.  Mix-and-match some of our Easter and Spring Decorations so that you can enjoy them for the holiday and still have a fresh, Spring look in the upcoming months.

For links to where you can purchase the specific items used, see the end of the post.

Hop-to-it! Let’s decorate!

A new item for Beistle is our Paper Flowers.  These are great for any Spring event and work great arched over a table.  I mixed in some of the Tissue Flowers for some different pops of colors.

Another newer item is the Easter Egg Stand.  Coloring Easter eggs is a popular craft for this time of year, especially with kids.  But, do you have a way to dry and display those beautiful freshly painted eggs?  The stand is easy to assemble and provides the perfect way to put them on display.

The pastel Paper Lanterns pair perfectly with the rest of the Easter decor.  I stacked them at the bottom of the table to fill in some empty space.

Tip: Our Paper Lanterns can be assembled and then collapsed again so they can be stored and used for more than one occasion.

How cute are the vintage Easter Centerpieces?  The bunnies enjoying the carrot seesaw is sure to be a favorite among guests.

The Tissue Tassel Garland is a perfect match to the Tissue Flowers.  I got creative and used the tassels off the garland to embellish a Lantern to use on the table.  I then taped the little, yellow chick from the cutouts on the front of the lantern.

Don’t forget those Bunny Ears!  Give each one of your guests a set of Bunny Ears to wear for this year’s family Easter photos.

Why do I love the Easter items from Beistle?

Products Used:

Easter Egg Stand

(Coming soon to

As always, have fun Creating The Party!


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