Hello Party Friends!!!

Wow!  Who else thought January went fast?  This girl does.  For those of you that follow the Pennsylvania furry meteorologist, we should have our Spring predictions on Sunday as it is also #groundhogday.  Hoping that he doesn’t see his shadow, and warmer weather is on the fast track.

As we are getting excited for warmer weather, we are also excited to introduce our #beistlestars for February.

Theresa Varner has been a member of the Beistle team for over 12 years!  She plays an important role in the operations as she is the one who picks and completes the order for shipment. Please take a minute to learn more about Theresa!

Kaitlynn Bingaman has officially earned her “one year” badge!  She also plays an important role in operations as her day entails putting the finishing touches on our product(s).  Please take a minute to learn more about Kaitlynn!

This is a big weekend for football fans and Punxsutawney Phil followers.  We will have a new Superbowl champion and will receive our Spring weather predictions.  Regardless of your reason to celebrate, remember that a party is always better when you party with #thebeistlecompany.


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