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Employee Spotlight – Meet our #BeistleStars

At The Beistle Company, we have an awesome team made up of many #BeistleStars.  One pattern I have noticed while interviewing my fellow employees each month, is that almost everyone mentions that one of their favorite parts of working at Beistle is the other employees.  That’s saying something!  We really do work with some of the best, friendliest and extremely talented people.  Today, I’m pleased to introduce two of our exceptional employees:

First up is Alan Howell.  Alan does an array of different jobs in order to keep our company up and running.  From working on mechanical jobs to clearing snow in the winter so we can safely cross the parking lot, we are thankful for Alan’s hard work!

Next is Mike Walck.  Mike works in our Purchasing Department.  Something that you may not know about Mike is that he is extremely creative!  He has a bookshelf outside of his cubicle that he decorates for each season.  He comes up the most clever ways to use & display our products.  We like to show Mike’s creations on our Facebook page, so make sure you keep an eye out for Mike’s famous bookshelf creations!

I hope you enjoyed meeting a few of our #BeistleStars!  To keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to our blog on the “Home” page.

Thanks for partying with us!

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