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Employee Spotlight – Meet our #BeistleStars!

Hey everybody!

Thanks for your interest in meeting another two of our very special, #BeistleStars.  I, personally, enjoy getting to know employees who work in different departments than I do, who I don’t get to see or speak to on a regular basis.  These fun little questions allow us to see just a glimpse of who these individuals are and get to know a little bit about their personalities  – super cool!  Today, meet Annette and Jason!

Annette has been with The Beistle Company for 4 years and works as a Machine Operator.  Thanks, Annette, for all of your hard work that you do for Beistle to make our wonderful products!

Jason has been with The Beistle Company for 28 years and works in Maintenance.  Thanks, Jason, for everything that you do for Beistle to help keep our facility and machines running smoothly!

Thanks for reading & meeting two more of our exceptional employees here at Beistle.  Be sure to check back in April to meet a few more!

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Thanks for partying with us!

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