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How to Decorate for an Alice in Wonderland Party

“have i gone mad?
im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usually are.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Looking for a theme for your next Party or Tea Party?  Well, if you love Alice in Wonderland as much as we do, check out these whimsical party products from Beistle.  Our decorations are perfect for any party, regardless of age!  Take a trip down the rabbit hole with us and see how we created Wonderland…and learn how you can too!

Below, you can see how I used an assortment of our products to set up a scene featuring Alice herself.  This set-up includes a DIY centerpiece, a backdrop that could double as a photo-op center, tableware, cutouts, a colorful flower/fan arch and more!  These decorations are so colorful and bright.  I just love how they look when they are all set up together.

For the background & flooring, I used our Grass Tablecover & Checkered Backdrop.  Using these two together provides the perfect base for behind a food table, gift table or as a backdrop for a photo booth.  I extended the checkered material across the floor which provides a nice contrast against the other brightly colored products.


The Directional Post Cutout (with the Cheshire Cat on top), is one of my favorite products from this collection.  It is a large item, standing 5’6″ once assembled.  It’s definitely a must-have for any Alice in Wonderland related party.

Below that, I used our Green Fringed Tissue Mats to create a grass floor for the display.  I thought it looked a little plain by itself, so I decided to arrange some roses off of our Floral Crown around the grass.

Some other key items for any Alice in Wonderland related party are the Jointed Alice in Wonderland & the Jointed White Rabbit.  To give the illusion that these two products are standing in the grass, I taped them on a board that I previously wrapped using pieces of our Grass Tablecover  & Checkered Backdrop.  I then offset the board from the wall a little bit, which gave the whole display a little more dimension.

The Alice in Wonderland Plates, Cups & Napkins match perfectly to the rest of the collection.  Throw in some Cerise Plasticware and you’re ready to party!

Although we do not currently have a Tablecover directly related to Alice, a section from the Checkered Backdrop works great!  Another suggestion would be to try using the Grass Tablecover or a solid color.

Remember that DIY Centerpiece that I mentioned earlier?  Here it is!  I called this my sculpture because of its three-dimensional, abstract design.  There’s really no wrong way to create a Centerpiece like this one.  Alice is a very whimsical, magical story so you can be creative with your decorating & not everything has to be aligned straight & perfectly!  I used a variety of products and layered (and balanced) them on top of one another to create this design.  See the bottom of the post for a list of items I used.

“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Below is a better look at the We’re All Mad Here Streamer and the colorful arch I created over the entire display.  I used an assortment of Paper Flowers, Paper Fans, Tissue Flowers & Tissue Fluff Balls to create this effect.  (Super easy to do & provides a lot of color for your party).

I just had to take a close-up of the Cheshire Cat’s mischievous grin.  He’s definitely my favorite character.

We offer a few Headwear items to complete your party.  Below, you will see the Plush Mad Hatter Hat.  However, we also have a Black Bow Headband, Card “Suit” Fabric Hat and Soft-Touch Bunny Ears that you can supply for your guests to wear.

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own Alice in Wonderland parties.  I’d love to see!

To purchase any of the decorations you see in this post, visit or click on the links below.  (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).

Products Used:

  1.  Grass Tablecover
  2. Checkered Backdrop
  3. We’re All Mad Here Pennant Banner
  4. Alice in Wonderland Tableware
  5. Tissue Teapot Centerpiece
  6. Alice in Wonderland Street Sign Cutouts
  7. Clock Cutouts
  8. Alice in Wonderland Cutouts
  9. Directional Post Cutout
  10. Jointed Alice in Wonderland
  11. Plush Mad Hatter Hat
  12. Green Fringed Tissue Mats
  13. Floral Crown
  14. Light Blue Table Skirting
  15. Paper Fans
  16. 3-D Paper Flowers
  17. Tissue Fluff Balls
  18. Tissue Flowers
  19. Cerise Plasticware

Products Used to Create the Centerpiece:

  1. Teacup Favor Boxes
  2. Green Fringed Tissue Mats
  3. Daisy Garlands
  4. Turquoise Plates
  5. White Cupcake Stand
  6. Alice in Wonderland Plates
  7. White Beads

Thanks for partying with us!



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