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How to Decorate for an Under the Sea Party

Looking for a bright, eye-catching theme for your next event?  Our Under the Sea collection from Beistle has everything you need to transform your space in to a colorful underwater atmosphere.  These decorations can be used to decorate smaller spaces (such as a kitchen or other areas in a home) or larger spaces (such as a banquet room).  This is also a theme that we see repeatedly for Bible school.  These items are perfect to use in a church for any Under the Sea, Underwater, Ocean or Beach Bible school related themes.

We recently held an event at our company which required decorations for two different rooms.  Because we didn’t need to use the entire area of the larger room, we set up a large movable wall behind some tables to create a more condensed space.  We decided to transform this plain, black, boring wall in to a bright, more exciting one.  I’d say we were pretty successful!  See below for images of our transformation.

We of course used our Undersea Backdrop as our base for the rest of the accessories.  We then lined the bottom with our 5′ 3″ Coral Reef Props which created a really cool effect.  From there, we added a mixture of Cutouts, Plastic Fish and Jointed Items on top of the Backdrop.

Tip: Because the Backdrop was loosely held with velcro to the movable wall, it began to sag when we started taping the larger, heavier items to it.  We instead decided to hang these larger items from the ceiling with fishing line to avoid the Backdrop from falling down.  The smaller, lighter cutouts did not become an issue when we taped them to the backdrop.  

We added the Jointed Anchor to one of the ends of the wall.  The anchor is huge (5′ 1″ to be exact) and is an awesome item to include in an Under the Sea atmosphere.

We realized it made a really cool, 3-D effect when we strung some Tissue Fish from the ceiling about 1′ out from the wall.  I’d recommend doing this if you want to create some more dimension to your decorations.  The Fish could also hang over tables or be grouped together as centerpieces.

We decided to lay the Ocean Floor Border on the floor in front of the wall.  We then set some 3-D Coral Reef Stand-Ups on top of the sand.  In some places we used the two sections from the Stand-Up separately, and in other places we used the two together to make one piece.  We mixed in a few 3-D Glittered Fish on the sand as well.

How cool is the Jointed Octopus?  He is one of my favorite items in the whole Under the Sea collection.

The second area that needed decorated was for the luncheon that was taking place.  This was a much smaller space than where we used the movable wall and the Under the Sea decorations in the banquet room.  This location was decorated using our Luau theme.  We created custom centerpieces grouping a variety of different products together and did the same for the tables where the food was going to be placed.

Each centerpiece was so different.  The one above used a mixture of Plastic Seashells, 3-D Centerpieces, Palm Leaves, Leis, Cutouts and more!

Pineapple decorations have become increasingly popular and the Gold Foil Pineapple Silhouettes were a great addition to the whole event.  This item was new to our 2018 catalog.

How cool is this Plastic Flamingo Centerpiece?  We used some of the Metallic Starburst Balls to accessorize him for a custom look.  Also, check out those 3-D Lily Pads!  They are truly beautiful and can be used either on top of a table or taped to a wall.

I love the bright yellow and green colors in the custom centerpiece above.  For this one, we used a mix of Plastic Pineapples, Tissue Pineapples, Ti Leaves, Flamingos and Lily Pads.

You can create custom one of a kind centerpieces and decorations too!  Just because something is labeled as a hanging item…doesn’t mean that it can’t double as a centerpiece!  Just because something is labeled as a wearable, doesn’t mean that you can’t hang it on the wall or from the ceiling!  The possibilities are endless with our decorations.  It’s my goal to help you get inspired and be creative with our items.

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own Under the Sea or Luau parties.  I’d love to see!

To purchase your own Under the Sea or Luau decorations, visit or click on the links below.  (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).

Unde the Sea Party Decorations

Luau Party Decorations

Thanks for partying with us!


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