How to Throw a Pink & Gold Themed Party

Pink & Gold themed parties are gorgeous and have become increasingly popular.  It’s not surprising…because this color scheme works perfectly for little girl’s birthday parties, teen parties, baby showers, bridal showers and more!  Beistle has everything you need to create a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by sparkles, shine and pink accents!  Check out the images below for ideas & inspiration to help you decorate for that special event in your life.

Pink and Gold Curtains

Create a classy, elegant backdrop using Plastic Tablecovers.  I chose to hang a few on the wall and then open them in the center like a curtain.  I simply pinned them back and used the beautiful, Gold Sequined Table Runner to accent the inside of the drape.

Gold Numbers

DIY projectAren’t these glittered numbers beautiful? See my post titled DIY 3-D Glittered Numbers to see how you can make some of your own (It works for ANY number)!!!

Inside the open area of the curtains, I strung some Gold Glittered Dot Stringers vertically which created a really cool polka dot effect on the wall.  The Stringers are a really cool product and can be used a number of ways throughout a party (See below how I cut the strings off some of them and used the dots as confetti on top of the table).

I used the 3-D Glittered Star Centerpiece to overlay on top of the Pink Tablecover Backdrop.  The stars come with two in a package so you can either piece them together to stand freely as a centerpiece or hang from the ceiling, however, I chose to hang each star piece separately.

Pink and Gold Party

Pink and Gold Tableware

For the table, I started with a solid Pink Tablecover (the same color as the ones I used for the backdrop curtains).  I then used the gorgeous, Lace Plastic Tablecover as an overlay on top.  For the tableware, the Pink Plates, Napkins & Plasticware pair perfectly with the shiny, Metallic Gold Plates.  If you’re planning to serve cupcakes at your party, don’t forget the Metallic Gold Cupcake Stands!

Pink and Gold Place Setting

At the place setting for each guest, supply them with a Cone Hat, Glittered Tiara or both!

Pink and Gold Centerpiece

DIY project

Remember those lovely Glittered Tulle Balls I showed you how to make last week?  Here they are in use!  I used one as a centerpiece on top of a Glittered Paper Fan and the others I used to help pin back the drapes on the backdrop.

Check out my post titled How To: Glittered & Painted Tulle Balls for instructions on how to make them!

Pink and Gold Tulle Balls


For additional Pink & Gold decorations, the Decorative Fans would be a great addition to any party!


Products Used:

  1. Pink Plastic Tablecover
  2. Lace Plastic Tablecover
  3. Gold Glittered Dot Stringers
  4. Sequined Table Runner
  5. 3-D Glittered Star Centerpiece
  6. Tulle Balls
  7. 3-D Plastic Numbers
  8. Metallic Cupcake Stands
  9. Metallic Gold Plates
  10. Pink Lunch Plates
  11. Decorative Fans
  12. Pink Lunch Napkins
  13. Pink Assorted Cutlery
  14. Pink & Gold Cone Hats
  15. Gold Glittered Tiara
  16. 3-D Foil Star Centerpieces

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own Pink & Gold party.  I’d love to see!

To get the materials to create your own Pink & Gold themed party, visit or click on the links below.  (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).

Thanks for partying with us!



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