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How to Throw a ‘Totally Rad’ 80’s Party

Hey, party people!

If you’re looking for ways that you can throw a totally radical party surrounded by friends, family, food, neon colors and wearables all centered around the 1980’s…you’ve come to the right place!  Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or New Year’s eve event, we have everything you need to plan for that perfect throwback.  Keep reading for some tips & tricks for how you can use these items for your 1980’s event!

Our Brick Wall Backdrop provides a great canvas for the rest of our 80’s decorations.  The large-scale of the printed material allows you to easily transform any room or space.  Simply tape your choice of cutouts and props on to the material and you’re good to go!  The Back to the 80’s Sign cutout is a definite must-have!  Another one of my favorites are the 80’s Hair Band Silhouettes that were new for 2018.  I just love the neon colors in this entire collection.

Another one of my favorite items in the 80’s collection are the 80’s Graffiti Props.  Included in the props are words such as Awesome, Dude!, Radical, Totally, Gnarly and more.  The graffiti looks super cool against the brick wall material.  Aren’t planning to use the backdrop?  No problem.  All of these cutouts & props will look great against a solid colored wall as well.

The 80’s Stringer is a great item because it can be used in many different ways, however, I chose to hang them vertically behind my table.  You could also hang these from the ceiling or hang horizontally…whatever works best for your space!

For the table, we have the Printed Party Shapes Table Runner.  I love this item paired with a bright tablecover.  I chose to use bright green, but other colors that would look nice would be cerise, turquoise, yellow, red, orange or purple.  (Lot’s to choose from)!  Tip: If you have multiple tables at your party to decorate, use the runner and a different color of tablecover on each one!  The repeated use of the runner will keep everything looking cohesive while providing a nice variation with the different tablecover colors.

Down the center of the table runner, I chose to use our different boom box products.  On the ends, you will see our Boom Box Centerpieces that have a metallic cascade at the top.  The smaller items are the Boom Box Favor Boxes and the one in the center is actually a cutout from the Cassette Player Cutouts pack.  Don’t forget – cutouts can also double as centerpieces or 3D items!  Be creative with our items (and be sure to take pictures to show us what you come up with)!

The 80’s Plates & Napkins look great on top of the bright green tablecover.  Choose a coordinating color for your plasticware and your place settings will look awesome!

If you would like to have a small gift for each of your guests, the neon Shutter Shades and 80’s Party Buttons are great choices.  Lay one of each at every place setting.  Be sure to get a group photo with everyone wearing their items!

Like I mentioned previously, an 80’s theme would be a great option for a New Year’s eve party theme.  Use a few of the tips & decorations above and pair that with the Totally 80’s Kit Assortment for 50.  Included in the kit are 25 Printed Foil Hi-Hats, 25 Glittered Fringed Tiaras, 50 Neon Horns and 25 Party Beads.  I love the bright colors in this kit and the best part is…they’re black light reactive! 

I really hope you enjoyed reading our tips & tricks on decorating any space for a totally radical 80’s party.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

Please feel free to E-mail me pictures of your own 80’s party decorations.  I’d love to see!

To purchase your own 1980’s items, visit (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).

Thanks for partying with us!

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