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Let’s Pawty – A Tribute To Our Furry Friends

It is said that you will have many best or close friends in life, but your dog will only have one.   That is you!  We are excited to introduce a new product line that will allow you to celebrate with your furry, four legged friend.  Our Pets line has all of the essentials for a great celebration!

Whether you use all of the products offered, or just a couple, they will tie together nicely in every setting.  Here are some pictures of inspiration to get you started.

But first, we would like to introduce Bentley!  He is our in house model for this feature and had fun as well!

The Complete Package

This picture is streaming with streamers!  They are a great accessory to any occasion.  Sometimes you aren’t sure what you would like to say, so our DIY streamer set is a “nice to have.”  Personalize it to your dog, or make it up as you go.  Endless possibilities.

Party hats and horns are fun for all ages.  The hats have an elastic band on them so no one is left out.  Put one on the dog too!  Horns are for you to control.  Loud or quiet, they add a new level of fun to the party.

Table decor is a must.  We offer tissue balloons and centerpieces for you to choose from.  Extra party hats and horns can be used on the tables as well.

Don’t forget the cupcake or sweet-treat stand.  Check out below….a recipe has been included for some dog friendly treats.

Lastly, hanging decor.  Our decorations have no boundaries.  Decorate the dog, the walls, the table, but don’t forget the ceiling!  If you are limited on table space, but still want some decorative flare, the ceiling is a great option.


Time To Eat

The phrase “kid in a candy store” is something that we all have heard of, and for many of us, is a memory from the past.  Dogs show the same level of excitement when you ask “do you want a treat?”  With this sweet treat (cupcake) stand, you can make your baked goodies be part of your decor.

Party Games

What’s next….party games!  OK, so it is not like a kids party where you are blindfolded and need to pin the tail on something.  A bowl of small balls, or something close is perfect for your dog party.  If your dog does the fetch, but no retrieval….have plenty of extras!


Photo Fun

If you are like me, I take pictures of everything!  Your dog party is no exception.  We are helping to make your memories even more memorable with these photo fun signs.  Wear a hat,  a smile and hold up a sign.  You will have your next Holiday greeting card picture!


Adoption Day

Birthdays are not the only thing that you can celebrate with your dog.  What about the day that he or she joined your family?  Adoption Day of course!  For some it is also referred to as “who rescued who.”  Either way, mark it on the calendar.  Party time!!

Products Used

53651, Let’s Pawty Streamer
60976, Dog Birthday Cone Hats
53655, Dog Birthday Whirls
53669, Dog House Photo Prop
59866, Printed Dots & Stripes Table Runner
52092, Dots & Stripes Cupcake Stand
54818, Letter Streamer Kit
55076-2, Multi-Color Plastic 3-D Number “2”
60358, Prismatic Party Horns
54834, Fire Hydrant Centerpiece
57813, Jumbo Happy Birthday Fanci-Fetti
54557-ASST, Paper Lantern Assortment
60970, Mahalo Floral Lei
55612-T, Turquoise Tissue Ball
55612-C, Cerise Tissue Ball
55612-B, Blue Tissue Ball
50950-W, White Plastic Table Skirting
50940-LG, Lime Green Plastic Rectangular Tablecover
53625, Dog Birthday Party Kit


Well, that’s a wrap for me, but just a start for you!  Be sure to check out this new theme, and as always….a party is always better when you “#partywithbeistle.

Thanks for stopping by!


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