New York City

The city that never sleeps.  New York City!!!!  This theme was an exciting one for the artist to create.  They captured the iconic images and turned them into their own work of art.

What do you think of when you hear “New York City?”  Is it the lights, the skyline, or is it the taxi cabs, Broadway shows, and street side vendors?

I think the products in this line tell the NYC story through everyone’s eyes.  We all have a memory, or a story that speaks of the big apple.  I hope you enjoy the in use pictures and take them for inspiration for your next event.  I have said it before, and will say it again.  We have such a talented group of artists.  From product development, to photo shoots of the finished products….they nailed it!

Hit The Streets

Turn your party scene into the main scene.  These green street signs are a great start.  A theatrical cane was used to showcase them, and it was supported by a top hat, a pair of white gloves, and some fun filler.

The black sequined table runner sets it off.  Have fun with your table decor.  There are no boundaries in decorating!   Include some apples (yes…another icon of NYC) and centerpieces too.  The checkered plate line is an added bonus.

The city scape and red brick back drops are a great way to enhance the city feel.  Use photo fun and cutouts to pull it together.

The iconic taxi cab!  We have plenty of options with this one.  The centerpiece is just fun.  Takes you back to the “yester-years”   Use the photo prop as a back ground, and don’t forget the hat!

What else….street side delights!  Soft pretzels can be made at home or purchased to cut down on the food prep.  The same holds true for the hot dogs.  Except, dress up the dogs with hot dog holders!  Use cake stands to add elevation to your design.

Throw in some fun eye wear, VIP passes, and call it done.

East Meets West

Yes, the apple!  Whether it is sweet snacks or tissue centerpieces, don’t forget the apple.


Leading Lady

Ah, yes.  The statue of liberty is another icon of New York.  Like other NYC attractions, people travel thousands of miles to see it.  Cut down on the travel time, and add one to your decor.

The Final Product

When you are decorating for your event, there can never be too much or too little.  Make it your own.  Incorporate items from your home as accent pieces, or visa versa.  Use some of our pieces to accent yours.  The choice is up to you.  The main thing is to have fun!

If you are interested in replicating this look, or just acquiring some of the items, here is a list of what was used.

53650              New York City Streamer
53641              New York City Whirls
53743              New York City Photo Fun Signs
53694              Jointed Statue of Liberty
53646              3-D Taxi Cab Centerpieces
66032              Taxi Hat
53703              New York City Taxi Photo Prop
20208              Brick Wall Backdrop
52122              Cityscape Backdrop
50259              VIP Party Pass
50940-BK        Plastic Rectangular Tablecover
54111-BK        Sequined Table Runner
54294              Plastic Hot Dog Holders
55201-14         Tissue Apple
54925              Theatrical Cane
53785-GD        Metallic Cake Stands
50094              New York City Street Sign Cutouts
59975              3-D Dump Truck Centerpiece
58023              Checkered Plates
58133              Checkered Napkins
CN122             Party Polkadots Confetti
50602-GD        Gleam ‘N Wrap Metallic Sheets
50601-BK        Gleam ‘N Shreds Metallic Strands
60839-BK        Satin Sleek Top Hat
60726-W          Theatrical Gloves
59868              Awards Night Glittered Photo Fun Signs
66504              Star Glasses

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about these designs, and they have given your inspiration or ideas for your next event.

Feel free to tag us on your next social post at #partywithbeistle.  We love seeing and hearing about how our products , and turn moments into memories.

Until next time, party on…with The Beistle Company





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