Napkin Lanterns

Papier-mâché Paper Lanterns

Remember those awesome Papier-mâché Paper Lanterns from the Around The World post last week?  They are simple to do and can be customized to match literally ANY theme or event.  Use Paper Napkins to match a particular theme or use Tissue Paper to match a certain color scheme.  Heres how:

You Will Need:


  • Assemble your Paper Lanterns.
  • Cut your Napkins or Tissue Paper in to sections (My pieces were around 3″-4″).
  • Using your paintbrush, mix some craft glue and water in to your bowl.  I used equal parts of glue and water.
  • Use your paintbrush to dab a bit of your glue mixture on to the Lantern (Just enough so that the tissue pieces will stick).
  • (See Image Below)  Apply a few pieces of your tissue to the Lantern.Napkin Lantern 1
  • (See Image Below) Paint some more of your glue mixture over your applied tissue pieces, covering them completely.Napkin Lantern 2
  • Repeat the above steps until your entire lantern is covered with tissue.Napkin Lantern 3Napkin Lantern 4

    I hope you enjoy making your very own Papier-mâché Paper Lanterns!  Let us know how yours turn out!

    To get the materials to make your own Papier-mâché Paper Lanterns, click on the links or visit  (Don’t forget to use your exclusive coupon code found on my “Shop” page).


Thanks for partying with us!




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