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I’m super excited about this post because today…we are featuring a “guest” blogger!  Tara is the International Account Executive at Beistle and volunteered to write a post for us, featuring the Taco Night that she hosted at her home.  Thanks so much Tara for your contribution and I hope your Taco Night was a fabulous fiesta…with a little help from Beistle. (Get to know Tara in our Beistle Stars post from August.  You can read it here).

There’s very few things in this world I like more than Mexican food. Right now, I am struggling to think of any, but that may be because I keep staring at this spread and tasting the tacos and guacamole all over again.

Taco Night Taco Truck

Taco Night Centerpiece

When Beistle’s new 3D Taco Truck Centerpiece came out, I knew I had to have one and I had to have my very own Taco Fiesta with friends! So that’s just what I did. Well, that and beg my younger brother to cook so I could get home and decorate.

In terms of prep, it truly wasn’t bad! The most important component truly is the food, so here’s my “short-list” for a Fiesta with your friends (or brother, or cat, or just a feast for yourself):

  • Taco meat (we like to serve two kinds, usually beef and pork or chicken)
  • Hard shells & Tortillas
  • Rice
  • Refried Beans
  • Fresh Pico de Gallo
  • Guacamole
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Margaritas…and more Tequila

Some tips: Prepare the Guac and Pico the night before–personally think they taste better as the lime juice does its magic overnight!—Cook the meat during the day in a slow cooker and BOOM! The hardest part of food prep is done.

Taco Night Margarita

When I got home from work, I had 1 small box of decorations for one small dining room. Beistle’s newest Fiesta items have become some of my favorites! I got the new Let’s Fiesta  Streamer, 3D Taco Truck Centerpiece, Fiesta Cutouts and Mini Centerpieces! And for fun, I added in the Mimi Yellow Sombreros that are a staple!

Taco Night Ingredients

I knew we’d be putting the meat on the table so I overlapped three different solid color table covers; partially for extra padding between the dishes and table, and partially because the décor pops sooooo much against the solid colors! Especially the Serape Pattern Tableware, just look how bright everything is together!

Taco Night Table

My wall space was limited, so after getting two cutouts on the window trim, the rest ended up on the table, which actually looks super nice! (Another great idea is to place cutouts under clear plates!)  Before I got too carried away with décor, I had to place the food.

(Note to self….prepare your tacos for the Centerpiece BEFORE setting the food out. Otherwise you’ll find drippings everywhere and end up getting your friends to wipe the area clean so you can take a new pic.)

Taco Night Cutout

Taco Night Toppings

With the tacos taunting us from the truck, I filled in the empty space with the Sombreros and Mini Centerpieces! Just like that everything was set! To celebrate a day of cooking by my brother, and for my friends coming over on a work night, we each had a shot of Tequila from the mini Margarita Glasses.

…Now pardon me as I go raid the fringe for some salsa…

If you use any of these items, please feel free to tag us on social media using hashtag, #PartywithBeistle.  We love seeing people’s creativity and how they like to use our products!

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Thanks for partying with us!

Remember…Life’s more fun when you #PartyWithBeistle!

Signature & Tara!

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