Ramadan Mubarak!!!

Ramadan is a religious Holiday that lasts a month, and involves fasting from sunrise to sunset.  The associated colors of purple and yellow (gold) are just beautiful and very representative of the festivities.

The artist who designed and photographed this theme did an amazing job!  There are a few DIY items in the pictures below.  Grab a coffee, kick back and enjoy!

Gold and Purple

With the time for meals being after sunset and before sunrise, wouldn’t be fun to decorate a food prep or eating area for the month.

Starting at the top, the gold foil diamonds are great for ceiling decor.  The artist used a gold metallic curtain for cascading effect.  In addition, she used foil stars and whirls to tie it all together.  DIY alert!!!!  Attach whirls to your cutout of choice.  Coordinate colors for extra effect, and BAM!  You have a DIY project that is tailored just for you.  It’s that simple and makes for great ceiling decor.

This theme offers a bright and vibrant plate line, with matching napkins and tablecover.  Make a bold statement with our gold sequined table runner and finish up with some themed centerpieces.

What’s Next

Fans of course!  Our decorative fans are perfect for table decor.  Alternate colors and textures for extra effect.  If you have some blank wall space, consider using cutouts and/or streamers.  It is a great way to balance out the design.

If you remember from a previous post, the votive cups might look familiar.  Another DIY project in use.

We hope that you enjoyed looking at these images and found them to be inspirational for your next event.  If you would like to use some or all of these products, we have included item numbers and descriptions below.

53730              Foil Ramadan Streamer Set
53737              Ramadan Whirls
53726              Foil Ramadan Paper Lanterns
53713              Foil Ramadan Cutouts
53712              3-D Foil Ramadan Centerpiece
53722              Ramadan Tablecover
53752              Ramadan Napkins
53741              Ramadan Plates
50515-GD       1-Ply Gleam ‘N Column
50059-BKGD  Star Whirls
50940-W         Plastic Rectangular Tablecover
57681-GD       Dimensional Foil Star
53735-GD       3-D Foil Diamonds

Feel free to take us to your next event!!!!  Tag #partywithbeistle on your social post.  We would love to see your decor and how it was used.  The beauty of our product lines isthey are inviting.  You can incorporate items from home to make it a little more special.  Personal pictures are a great choice!

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping in and for sharing our passion of “celebrating life.”



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