Rose Gold!!!!

What is the saying?  Pink is the new black?  Well, we have got one better than that.  Rose Gold!!!!!

When planning a party, it is easy to get wrapped up in planning the menu, the entertainment, the theme, who to invite, etc.  The list goes on and on.  One thing that might get planned last is the decor.  Not always, but it does happen.

Our Rose Gold theme speaks to all party planners.  It could be used for a baby shower, a tea party, a graduation party, a wedding/shower, or just for fun!

The current state of the world is changing how we celebrate, but not taking the celebration away from us.  Instead of having large scale party’s at the hottest banquet hall, we are having to plan our celebrations in a new and non traditional fashion.  That doesn’t stop you from decorating to impress the guests!

Here are some great, easy ideas to help you change from party planner to party diva!

Decorations Know No Boundaries

The artist that completed this photo shoot did a great job of achieving balance and flare.  They used our Gleam’N Curtain to frame out the cake table.  The ceiling was draped with a Metallic Tassel Garland and white Paper Fans.  The message is clear with the LOVE balloon perfectly centered behind the table.

A closer look.

Our product line also includes Tableware!  We find that outside of the functional use, this also is a great idea for table decor.  Cups can be used for flatware, napkins, gems, or whatever you want to use.  The Sequinned Table Runner is a hit!  Razzle and dazzle the guests for this event and save it for another.  We offer this in multiple colors too!

Regardless of what is going on around us, nothing can take away your milestones in life.  Be creative with your design and make it your own.  Our hopes are that you can find inspiration in our product line, and incorporate it into your celebration.

Here is a list of the items that were used:

59927RSEGD  Metallic Tassel Garland
55410RSEGD  1-Ply Gleam ‘N Curtain
54111RSEGD  Sequined Table Runner
55048RSEGD  Pkgd. 1-Ply Metallic Table Skirting
N53471            Dots Beverage Napkins – Rose Gold
N53477            Appetizer Plates 5″ – Rose Gold
N53478            Appetizer Plates Rectangle – Rose Gold
N315134          Assorted Cutlery – Rose Gold
N53475            Dinner Plates 9″ – Rose Gold
N53476            Rose Gold Cups
N8821536K     Love Script Balloon 40″ – Rose Gold
50941              Plastic Lace Rectangular Tablecover
55293-W          Tissue Fan
52180-W          Accordion Paper Fans
59979-W          Paper Flowers

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Thanks for stopping by and as always.  A party is better when you party with #thebeistlecompany.

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