Step Right Up & Check Out These Vintage Circus Decorations by Beistle

Come one, Come All!

Hello everybody!  I know you’re all here to check out these awesomely-wonderfulnostalgic and slightly creepy Vintage Circus decorations.  However, I wanted to take a second and thank all of our followers who have subscribed to our blog & social media sites recently.  We love your support & the fact that you all love to #PartywithBeistle – so thank you!  If you haven’t subscribed to the blog yet, make sure you do so on the “home” page to keep up to date with new posts!

Anyway…Vintage Circus was a new cataloged theme for us in 2018.  These vibrant, high quality decorations would be the perfect additions to any circus themed party or event with a vintage feel.


I have a favorite items, and it’s the (54982) Vintage Circus Poster Cutouts.  Included, are illustrations of The Mystic Madam, The Strong Man, The Sword Swallower and The Bearded Lady.  These cutouts really appear that they could be from a circus that took place years ago.  The artwork is truly stunning.




Although all of the items are great, another one of my favorites is the (54985) Vintage Circus Mini Centerpieces.  These include some of the most iconic circus animals & characters of all time.



Recently on Pinterest, I’ve seen a few trending ideas for Vintage Circus Birthday Parties & Baby Showers.  I’ve also seen a few teachers who used a Vintage Circus theme to decorate their classrooms.  I personally love the idea of a Vintage Circus Baby Shower and we have everything from door covers, streamers, table decorations & wearables to make it great!



The Mystic Madam says…”Your future is filled with many fun-filled Vintage Circus themed parties.  Make sure that you stop by and check out all of the items within this theme and many others.


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Thanks for partying with us!

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