Summer Party Theme – Palm Leaves & Pineapples

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Can you believe we are already two weeks in to summer?  You may be gearing up for a summer kick-off party, cooling down with a pool party, hosting a birthday celebration or another outdoor event.  As you probably have seen, pineapples and palm leaves are among some of the hottest trends for party decorations (along with unicorns, cactuses, llamas, & pink flamingos…but we’ll cover that another time).  So, get ready to party like a pineapple, because below, I’m going to show you how you can use some of our decorations to set up a simple, chic atmosphere that could work for any outdoor or summer event.

In the first image, you can see how I used our products to decorate the table & also create a hanging decoration for above it.  I chose to do this using a black background to really make the colors pop, however, a white wall or background would look great as well.  If you’re outside and don’t have a wall to use, try draping the backdrop on the side of a building, between two posts or trees, or create your own portable wall that you could use for this event & others in the future!

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Party

I used our 9′ Raffia Table Skirting above the table and overlapped it with the Tropical Palm Leaves Streamer.  To fill in some of the empty areas, I taped up some Tropical Palm Leaves.  (I love this product and you will see me using the leaves a lot throughout this post).  

DIY project To add a touch of color within the backdrop, I created some flowers from one of my favorite leis.  Here’s how to make them:

First, choose any lei(s) from  (I used the Silk ‘N Petals Tropical Garden Lei).  Then, using scissors, cut the white string used to hold the lei together, allowing the petals to fall off.  Group together 5-10 petals/leaves and secure by placing a staple in the center of your stack of petals.  Create multiple flowers and use to decorate anywhere throughout your party!

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Tissue Pineapples

I also had some leftover silk roses from another project I was working on, so I mixed some of those in with my “lei flowers” as well.

Palm Leaves & Pineapples DIY Lei Flowers

Our Tissue Pineapples are awesome because they can be used two different ways.  Open them half way and tape them flat against the wall (as shown below), or open them up completely and stand on a flat surface, such as a table.  I used an assortment of both our 20″ and 12″ pineapples throughout my setup.

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Wall Decoration

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Tissue Pineapple

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Decoration

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Drape

Now on to the table – I started with a white Plastic Tablecover and white Plastic Table Skirting, which provided a nice, clean canvas for the rest of the decorations.  I then used our Faux Burlap Table Runner down the center of the table.  This is a great product because it has a simple and pure look to it.  Additionally, it can be saved & re-used for other events once you are finished with it!  Tip:  When I took this out of the packaging, it had a few crease lines from where it had been folded.  Using an iron, I was able to easily get these wrinkles out by setting the iron to the lowest setting & carefully pressing out the creases.

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Centerpieces

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Muffins

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Decorations

On top of the Burlap Table Runner, I layered some more Tropical Palm Leaves and scattered some gold, glittered dots that I cut off of our Glittered Dot Stringers.  Gold pineapples are all the rage this season, so I used our Foil Pineapple Silhouettes to create my centerpieces.  Using two packs of the silhouettes, I matched the 18″ pineapples and 12″ pineapples with one another & taped them to vertical glass vases that I had lying around from a different project.  This allowed for the cutouts to appear three-dimensional & stand on their own.

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Gold Pineapple Centerpieces

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Gold Pineapples

One of my favorite parts of the entire setup are the place settings.  I again used some Tropical Palm Leaves by placing one at each chair.  I chose to use clear plates in order to see through to the leaves.  I think this gives a really fresh, natural look which compliments the rest of the decor.  I then chose a hot pink napkin (for a hint of color) layered below a white napkin and some metallic gold plasticware.

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Table Setting


Palm Leaves & Pineapples Table Runner

Because I just had to take some close-ups of these delicious desserts…

What could be more fresh & summery than blueberry muffins & a lemon glazed lemon pound cake.  Hungry yet?  Some other dessert ideas for your summer palm leaves & pineapples party could be:


Palm Leaves & Pineapples Party Desserts

Palm Leaves & Pineapples Lemon Cake

I really hope you enjoyed reading our tips on decorating for your summer palm leaves & pineapples themed party.  If you like these ideas and would like to keep updated on future posts, please subscribe to the blog (you can enter your email to subscribe on the “Home” page).

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