Ramadan Mubarak!!! Ramadan is a religious Holiday that lasts a month, and involves fasting from sunrise to sunset.  The associated colors of purple and yellow (gold) are just beautiful and very representative of the festivities. The artist who designed and photographed this theme did an amazing job!  There are a few DIY items in the … Continue reading Ramadan


Happy Diwali!!!!! Introducing this theme to our product line has been exciting for us.  The bright and vibrant colors are amazing.  Diwali is a Hindu festival that lasts for 5 days in the fall.  It celebrates light!  During that time, people light up their life through the use of candles, diyas or lanterns. After reading … Continue reading Diwali

How To Create Your Own Christmas Wreath in Three Simple Steps

This time of year, many of us are purchasing Christmas gifts, giving donations to our favorite charities, purchasing food and refreshments for Christmas get togethers...the list goes on.  This all means one thing, we're spending a lot of money.  But...good news!  You can save on your Christmas decorating by doing a few DIY projects instead of purchasing … Continue reading How To Create Your Own Christmas Wreath in Three Simple Steps

Dragons and Goblins and Trolls…OH MY!

Hey party people! Last catalog year, Beistle added a new mini-theme....Fantasy!  Whether you're looking for items to decorate for a Dragon party, a light-hearted party filled with Fairies & Pixie dust, a Medieval theme, or an event with a darker feel more geared towards adults...we have you covered! Movies such as How to Train Your Dragon, Trolls and … Continue reading Dragons and Goblins and Trolls…OH MY!