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Travel Across America!

Hitting The Wild Open Road

It may be the middle of January, but the excitement of Spring, warm sunshine and vacations are never far away!  If you are planning on hitting the wide open road in the RV, we have some fun ideas that you can take with you.  After all, a vacation is where some of the best memories are made.

We are excited to introduce one of our new 2020 themes to help with this.  Travel America!!!  If you look on social media, it won’t take long to see surveys about where you have been or “check off” what states you have visited.  Play along…with The Beistle Company!

Combining Old & New:

Who would have ever thought that road maps would be outdated?  Crazy right?  With everything that you need being a click away on your phone or GPS, one would look at you in awe if you pulled out a map to plan your route.

Don’t throw the map away….re-purpose it!  Make paper airplanes or pinwheels to add focal points to your space.  They can be fun for all ages.  Add some paper fans and cutouts too!

You might ask “what are cutouts?”  They are simple yet exciting cardboard pictures that can tell a story.  With our travel theme, we have included ones that represent cities or attractions that you might set out to see along the way.

Making paper airplanes is like riding a bike…but if you need a refresher, enjoy 🙂

What can you do with pinwheels?  Wrap a piece of a map around an old tin can and PRESTO!

Add an old suitcase, sunglasses and of course, the iconic family vehicle that we created as a centerpiece.

I hope that you enjoy our new theme of Travel America!  Don’t feel limited with this one.  You can definitely use it on a cross country RV trip, but don’t rule out picnics or family functions at the park.  That is the beauty of decorations.  You can take them anywhere!

If you are curious about what products were used in this series, please see below.

53693, Travel America Postcard Streamer
53619, 3-D Travel America Road Trip Centerpiece
53658, Travel America Road Sign Cutouts
53653, Travel America National Park Poster Cutouts
54137-B, 54137-G Blue & Green Mini Tissue Fans
55293-B, 55293-G Blue & Green 25″ Tissue Fans
52136, Faux Burlap Table Runner
53375, Road Tablecover
50950-BR, Brown Plastic Table Skirting
53594, Pkgd American Flags – Fabric
58308, Woodland Friends Napkins
58185, Woodland Friends Plates
53330, Patriotic Glasses
60768-RWB, Patriotic Flag Hat
52035, Desert Sky & Sand Backdrop
52036, Desert Sand Backdrop

You can use some or all of these to decorate for your event.  That is another great thing about our products.  They all tie together in theme or color patterns.

We love hearing from you.  Feel free to tag us on social media.  Let’s travel the country together!

Thanks for partying with us!


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