Turning the Page

With the school season officially underway for most of us, we inherently think that summer is over.  What is next?  Fall season!!!  It is time for hoodies, apple cider, warm days/cool nights and campfire delights.

If you are like me, your decorating calendar can last for months.  If you are like the Beistle Company, there is no “off season.”

Have you thought about where to start?  Changing out pictures for decorations?  Changing out summer decor for fall items?

By all means, we don’t want to skip over Halloween, but fall decorations can be a great backdrop or compliment your spooky spectacular.

Here are a couple of items from our fall decor line that can be used for the entire season.

Fall Tablecover

Give your dining room table a splash of the season.  A tablecover can serve more than festive meals.  It can be a great starter for your decor.  Add a table runner for extra effect.


Table Runner

Extra, extra…..table runners have a great way of pulling it all together.  It provides a focal point for your table top decorations.  Symmetrical decorating shows balance in the room.  Something down the middle of your table will achieve that.

If you are looking for a more rustic appeal, our faux burlap table runner will get you there.  Provides a “rough” look that goes nice with antiques or the country feel.

Thankful Thoughts

And let’s show thanks.  These place cards are great for making sure your guests get to their spot before the turkey is cut, but you can also use them on a softer side.

  • Put them in your children’s lunch box with a note on them
  • Leave one on the counter each morning letting your loved ones know what you are thankful for
  • Place one in plate of cookies and share with a friend

The thought will count.

There is always a reason to smile and there is always a reason to celebrate.  Never stop doing either because you never know who’s life you can touch.

Have a great weekend!!!


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