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Unicorn Party

Put together a majestic party using decorations with just enough Sparkle and Color to impress your guests and have a great time.

Below are images of ways you can set up a food table, dessert table or gift table for your own Unicorn Party.  Be sure to check out the links to to find all of these wonderful, whimsical decorations.

Why do I love the Unicorn Collection from Beistle?


Products Used:

For this setup, we got creative and used a Tablecover as a Backdrop!  The beautiful Printed Wooden Tablecover pairs great with the whimsical Unicorn Decorations providing the perfect mix of sparkle and rustic charm.

Metallic Curtains work great over top of backdrops to draw attention to a table or area of a room.  We used the Gold Metallic Fringe Drape for a great contrast between the shiny gold and the rustic wooden texture.

Gold stars provided the perfect golden accents against our other colorful decorations.  We used the Gold Glittered Foil Star Cutouts and strung them above the table.  They could also be taped to a wall or the backdrop itself.

For the sides of the table, we bunched together a few different products for the perfect mix of textures and colors.  Use fishing line to give the effect that your decorations are floating in air!  Tissue Balls, Tissue Diamonds and Tulle Balls are all great products to give this effect.  We chose to use colors that complimented our Unicorn Cutouts, but there are many other colors available to choose from.

You can’t complete your unicorn party without the perfect Unicorn Shaped Decorations!  For this setup, we used the Unicorn Cutouts, Large Unicorn Cutout, Unicorn Cupcake Stand and the Unicorn Streamer Set.  Other Unicorn Decorations are available including Unicorn Whirls, a Unicorn Cake Topper, Glittered Photo Fun Signs and Unicorn Headbands.

To decorate our table, we used the Purple Plastic Tablecover, Metallic Fringe Table Skirting and the beautiful, Sequined Table Runner.  Rather than using the “Believe” part of the Streamer Set to hang, we taped it on the table so you are sure not to miss it.


Have fun putting together these beautiful decorations to create your Unicorn Party.  You will be amazed how vibrant and colorful these are when you take them out of the packages.  Keep the cutouts once your party is over to hang in a child’s bedroom or playroom.  They are sure to love them!

As always, have fun Creating The Party!

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