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Welcome Baby!!!!

There are many events in life that are considered milestones.  It could be a birthday, could be a new job or enjoying your first day of retirement.  One that tops the charts is definitely a baby shower!

We are so excited to introduce a new product line.  It’s called Welcome Baby!  In addition, these two beautiful ladies below are members of our Art Department and are both expecting.  Congratulations!!!

With this party theme, we focused on the traditional blue and pink, but added gold and silver as the accent colors.  This combined with light and whimsical fonts, makes it very inviting.  It just makes you smile!

These color pallets and designs make decorating easy.  You can use them as is, or compliment with flowers or special items from your home.

Welcome Baby Girl!!

Our new Mom To Be sash is great.  It can be used in formal or casual settings and is just what the “mommy to be” needs for her special day.

Decorating the Table

Flowers are a great start!  Regardless of the season, fresh flowers bring a certain feel to the room.   When the event is over, the mother can take them home and enjoy the memories of the day just by looking at them.

Time to Eat

Our tableware for this theme is so much fun!  The gold accent allows you to pull in other tones and colors.  The soft pink does not get lost either.  If you are not planning on having balloons, use the balloon holders as place cards, or leave a special note for the guest of honor.

Don’t forget the sweets!  Cupcake stands are a great focal point.  They are obviously great for cupcakes, but can be re-purposed as well.  Guest favors, hard candies, chocolates, or loose flower petals.  The possibilities are endless.

The Final Product

This day will be one that is remembered forever.  It doesn’t have to be perfect to everyone, just perfect to you.  It is our hopes that our decorations will achieve both!

Sometimes, it is easy to “decorate too much.”  Try to balance out the table.  This can be done with an accented table runner, a centerpiece (or two), some confetti or table scatter, hanging decor and something for the walls.  Tell the story with decorations.  Welcome Baby Girl!!!!

Welcome Baby Boy!!

Baby showers for little boys are just as much fun!  Soft blues, accented with silver is just gorgeous.

You will see the same table decor that is offered in the pink/gold line.

Use your imagination and creativity with this!  Don’t always focus on the blue, but maybe the silver.  Again, these are accent colors and do not take over the main ones.

The silver sequined table runner looks great over the stripped table cover.  If you are looking for less design, use the table runner for the gift table, and the stripped table cover where your guests are seated.

That is what we love about this line.  You can used all of the decorations together without it being so “busy”, or they can be used by themselves.

The Final Product

On a day that will be remembered forever, make it special.  It is our hopes that our Welcome Baby line will aid in those memories.

Products Used (Beistle Line)

53677-S, -GD             Foil Welcome Baby Streamer
53695                         Striped Plates
53710                         Striped Napkins
53680                         Striped Plates
53705                         Striped Napkins
53709                         3-D Foil Oh Baby Centerpiece
53725                         3-D Foil Oh Baby Centerpiece
53700                         Striped Tablecover
53686                         Striped Tablecover
60990-B                     Mom To Be Lace Sash
60990-P                     Mom To Be Lace Sash
53715                         Foil Welcome To The Baby Shower Yard Sign
53690                         Foil Welcome Baby Cutouts
53685                         Foil Welcome Baby Cutouts
53688                         Foil Welcome To The Baby Shower Yard Sign
52041                         Barn Siding Backdrop
50941                         Plastic Lace Rectangular Tablecover
53640-B                     Dot Deluxe Sparkle Confetti
53640-P                      Dot Deluxe Sparkle Confetti
59955-B, -P                Dot Stringers
59990-GD, -S             Metallic Cupcake Stands
53640-P, -B                Dot Deluxe Sparkle Confetti
52176                         Glittered It’s A Boy Metallic Star Spray
52175                         Glittered It’s A Girl Metallic Star Spray
59843-LB, -P, -W       Lace Paper Lanterns
55901-P, -LB, -W       Pkgd Tissue Balls
51061-GD                   Assorted Cutlery
51061-S                       Assorted Cutlery
51057-S                       Silver Hot/Cold Cups
51057-GD                   Gold Hot/Cold Cups
54111-GD, -S              Sequined Table Runners
53309                          Tissue Fluff Balls
53310                          Tissue Fluff Balls
54940-LB, -P              Tulle Balls
50947-LB, -P              Baby Shoes Photo/Balloon Holder
59122-GD                   Gold Metallic Small Plates
59122-S                       Silver Metallic Small Plates
53595                          Mini Streamer Kit
53588                          Mini Streamer Kit
57857-GD                   Glittered Foil Star Cutouts
57857-S                       Glittered Foil Star Cutouts

We hope that you enjoyed looking through these pictures and inspirational ideas for your next event.

We would love it hear from you.  Feel free to tag us on your next social post.  #partywithbeistle.

Thanks for stopping by and remember….a party is always better, when you party with The Beistle Company.

Best Wishes,


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